A revolutionary indoor cricket facility with the longest bowling run-up pitches in Australia.

The game

Cricket is a game of strategy between two teams. Each team bats and fields in turn – the batters try to score runs; the fielders try to stop them. The team with the most runs wins. A run is scored when the striking batsman (the batsman that the bowler is bowling to) runs from one crease line to the other, after hitting the ball. 

The earliest reference to cricket is in South East England in the mid-16th century. It spread globally with the expansion of the British Empire, with the first international matches in the second half of the 19th century.

The game’s rules, the Laws of Cricket, are maintained by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London. 

William Gilbert Grace – an English amateur cricketer who was important in the development of cricket is called Father of the Cricket.

Playing AREA

PlayPoint is offering the Australian Made FieldTurf Super Shield Indoor Turf, as the playing surface for the ELEVEN Indoor Cricket Pitches. This turf has been distinctly engineered to offer steady bounce and predictable incoming speeds for batsmen, making it an ideal solution for all cricket levels.

 PlayPoint has installed LED lights that have been designed to ensure even and equal light on the entire playing surface according to the AS 2560.2 Standards, that have been designed by professional lighting engineers.

PlayPoint has installed Overhead Nets at 4.5M to ensure players have the required defined heights.

PlayPoint is using SPAWTZ Scoring Application.



  • Longest Bowling pitch (2 Lanes) in Australia
  • BOLA Professional Bowling Machine – The ultimate cricket bowling machine !
  • Overhead Nets at 4.5M


  • ELEVEN Individual Batting Pitches
  • Overhead Nets at 4.5M
  • Pitch width 3.5M


  • THREE Indoor Cricket Fields
  • Field Width 10.5M
  • Field Depth 28.2M


  • Box Cricket
  • Under Arm Cricket
  • Gully Cricket
  • Any other format that is desired …