Yoga is an ancient practice of meditation and exercise that has become increasingly popular in today’s times. For many people all over the world, yoga provides a retrieve from their chaotic and busy lives. There are innumerable benefits of yoga that not only improve your mental health but work wonders for your physical well-being too.

Yoga in the park


1) Improves your flexibility – An improvement in overall flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. Practicing yoga regularly will gradually loosen your body and you would also realize your aches and pains disappearing slowly. Yoga helps improve your flexibility by helping your muscles relax through gentle stretching. Better flexibility will also mean a lower risk of injury.

2) Helps improve chronic low back pain – If you’re someone who works on a desk the whole day, then you may be experiencing some low back, shoulder, or neck pain due to poor posture. The calming meditation techniques in yoga along with some simple exercises can help reduce low back pain.

3) Builds body awareness – Yoga helps your muscles, joints, tissues, and brain work together in tandem so that your body does not only benefit physically but mentally too. Yoga helps to build awareness in our bodies so that we can lead our daily lives with more physical freedom and less discomfort.

4) Promotes balance – Balancing a yoga pose helps to improve your stabilizing muscles. As people age, they tend to lose mobility due to inactivity, arthritis, and other age-related diseases but yoga promotes better balance and increases mobility in them.

5) Helps your heart health – Yoga has shown some promising benefits for improving cardiovascular diseases. Regular yoga tends to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

6) Reinforces better breathing – A regular yoga exercise and meditation can be extremely relaxing and calming. Yoga uses a practice called diaphragmatic breathing, where you basically focus on expanding the diaphragm while breathing.

7) Improves mood – Apart from the physical benefits, yoga has various mental benefits too. People who practice yoga regularly report feeling less stressed at home or at the workplace. People have also reported feeling less anxious, confused common depressed, tired or unsure.

8) It improves focus – To practice a yoga posture perfectly, you need to focus to move your body into that pose. Along with this, you also need the stamina to hold on to that pose. This combination not only helps your yoga performance but also sharpens your mental focus to deal with other situations in your life.

Along with the above-stated benefits, yoga has other innumerable advantages too. If you are looking for yoga classes near your home or workplace, then do get in touch with Playpoint Indoor Sports Centre.