A lot of people love playing cue sports, snooker or billiards, as they provide great opportunities to
brush up your skills or simply spend quality time with your friends. However, there’s more to this
sporting activity than you might think, and we don’t just mean technique.
Do you know indulging in cue sports could actually prove to be beneficial for your health? While you
may not have thought about that aspect of the game before, you could be doing your body and mind
a favour the next time you pick up a cue.

Cue sports


Let’s look at the benefits:


1) Helps to build focus – Billiards, snooker or cue sports requires a lot of focus to help you
perfect your break or find the perfect angle to the bank in your shot, without knocking that 8-
ball in. In fact, most of the stuff that you do around the table requires a lot of serious
attention. The sport needs you to pay attention to the smallest of tasks involved in the
game. Playing billiards regularly can help you build focus, increase your attention span and
lots more which can be extremely useful when you’re away from the table too.

2) Helps you shed calories – Most people don’t consider playing billiards or snooker as a
strenuous exercise. It looks more like a game that is played if you want to relax after a
stressful day at work. But the truth is that all your body movements while indulging in
sporting activity help you to burn calories. In fact, the average player is going to easily walk
about one mile in just one game of billiards. That may not seem like a lot, but in comparison
to sitting on a couch to watch your favourite series on Netflix, this is quite a lot.

3) Sharpens your mind – If you indulge in a regular game of snooker or billiards, it could
actually help to sharpen your mind. The game requires mental mathematical calculations
and estimates to be performed, such as basic physics and geometry while playing.

4) Improves posture and balance – Playing a game of billiards or pool will require you to
stretch and bend more as you’ll have to reach the cue ball by bending and stretching across
the pool table. At times, you may even be required to stand on one foot to play your shot,
which in turn would require you to balance properly, thus improving your stability.

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