Carrom has always been a popular indoor game played for recreation and leisure for years. Down
the decades, the game has now become more popular in competitions and tournaments, not only in
India but also internationally. Below are a few tips and tricks to play professionally and beat your opponents with ease.

Carrom tips and tricks.

1) The right attitude – This is the most important part of playing any game or sport. Even if you
are playing for leisure and entertainment, the right attitude is what you need to beat your
opponent. Playing with the right mental attitude can lead to a win, even if you may be losing
at some point.

2) Striking styles – One of the most effective carrom tips to improve your game is to learn and
use different striking styles. Do you know there are various types of striking styles that
include using middle finger and thumb, upright long fingerstyle, index fingerstyle, index
finger and thumb style, middle fingerstyle, and thumb sho? You can incorporate any of the
above in your game.

3) Accurate speed – The right balance of force and speed is vital for a good game of carrom. If
the force and speed is not accurate, the coins won’t reach the pocket even if the shot is
really easy.

4) Right direction – Along with the accurate speed, the right direction also plays a vital role in
sending the carrom-men into the pocket. For example, if you want to make a cut shot at a
precise angle, it could need some extra force.

5) Hitting from the right edge – To put the carrom-men into the pocket, you need to hit the
striker in the right direction from the right edge. Hit the striker from the baseline and use a
cut angle to hit the carrom-man.

Let us now look at a few tricks to help you win your game of carrom:-
1) Try to always pocket the easy coins or carrom-men first.
2) Try to pocket maximum coins/carrom-men in your shot if you are striking first.
3) While potting your own coins/carrom-men, try to place your opponent’s coins in difficult
4) Learn at least 3 to 4 shooting/striking styles and apply them according to the placement and
your level of skill.

Always remember that in all games the element of competition sets in as each one of the players
wants to win. But, don’t forget to have fun while playing. If you are looking for an indoor play
center that has provisions for carrom, then do get in touch with Playpoint Indoor Sports Centre.